Facts About Dynamic Digital Signage


World Wide Audio Media has been a leading expert in dynamic digital signage for over 10 years. Their team pioneered this system of internal marketing, and has been the preferred provider of digital signage solutions for Health Mart Pharmacies. If you have a lobby, or a space where customers gather, dynamic digital signage is an absolute win-win solution for your business.


What problems can be solved with dynamic digital displays?


Reach vast audiences with digital signage: Everyone, everywhere, can be reached using digital displays. These monitors allow you to layer content and promotions, displaying information for all demographics within your customer-base.


Digital displays demand buyers’ attention: There is no question, your eyes are attracted to color, light and motion. When your ads and messages are being displayed publicly, customer’s eyes are highjacked immediately. Whether they look up for a moment, or they slowdown to pass the time. Customers will divert their attention to your screen no matter what is happening around them.


Digital displays boost the overall customer experience: Your customers, even employees, are happier when they feel prepared, informed, and recognized. Digital displays can be used to call attention to employees, milestones, information, education, specials and more. Inform your customers and keep them engaged with your brand.


Digital displays strengthen your company’s brand: Use digital signage to showcase your work, introduce new products or services, highlight client testimonials and build trust, play educational videos in lobbies or waiting rooms. Take the display wherever you go. If you are attending a trade show, bring the display with you to showcase your business and to provide extra engagement to prospects walking by your booth.


Create additional revenue streams with dynamic digital signage: Display your affiliates, partners, and sponsors. Sell the display space to local businesses that compliment your business. Do you share the same audience with a non-competing business in your area? Offer to display an ad for a minimal fee. World Wide Audio Media will even create the ads for you.


Dynamic Digital Signage Demo

Dynamic Digital Signage Includes:

  • State-of-the-Art Digital Media Players
  • Professional Voice-Over Work
  • Professional Ad Copy and Design
  • Business Analysis and Discovery
  • Complete Custom Customizations
  • National News and Local Weather
  • Experienced Customer Support
  • Industry Specific Tips and Content
  • Unlimited Updates in Real-Time
  • Unlimited Video Uploads
  • Unlimited Promotional Ads
  • There Simply Are No Limitations

What does dynamic digital signage mean?


Digital signage, also referred to as dynamic signage, is a localized form of micro-casting video, announcements and multimedia content on monitors or digital displays for informational or advertising purposes. Typically, these displays are located in public spaces or places of localized gatherings within a business.


What is a dynamic digital signage player?


A dynamic digital signage player is a required device or computer that is used to show digital information, videos and content on any public digital display. You may have noticed TV’s in public spaces displaying dynamic or commercialized content. These screens are usually powered by such media players. Watch for dynamic digital signage in hotel lobbies, airport terminals, bars, restaurants as digital menus, digital directories in malls, or in stadiums. Digital signage certainly isn’t a new technology, but over the past five years, the market has grown exponentially. Mainly due to the ease of implementation and lowering costs associated with flat-screen displays, monitors and televisions. You provide the TV, World Wide Audio Media provides the content and technology.


How is dynamic digital signage most commonly used?


Dynamic digital signage is used to reduce internal print costs, educate guests and customers, influence purchase decisions, and increase brand awareness. Digital signage is often used as a tool for displaying important brand messages or raising brand awareness. Professionally designed graphics and high-quality imagery should be used to attract the eyes of in-store customers. It is also best practice to not over-load the display with text, take complex education and break it down into bite-size bits of information.


Are there other names for digital signage?


Yes. Digital signage has assumed many names over the past few years, such names may include: dynamic display, digital screens, automated displays, dynamic digital TVs, digital monitors, digital content, electronic display, electronic programming, internal marketing displays, automated kiosks, AI booth displays, HID or High intensity Displays.


You Provide The Display and We’ll Provide The Content and Technology


If you have a monitor or television that is currently dormant, connect with World Wide Audio Media today and put it to work. The on-boarding process is simple. Complete the form below and a member of our team will connect with you right away to answer any of your questions. Our no hassle, no pressure, no contract solution is proof of our commitment to serving you with an affordable and easy digital solution for your business and organization. Connect with us today.


Digital Signage Program Details

You Provide The TV,
We Provide The Solution

For as little as $60.00 per month, you can keep your customers or patients informed, entertain and engaged in your waiting room or lobby. Our digital signage program provides the viewer with the latest in news headlines, local weather and customized business information.

Fully Customized Digital Signage

Tell your customers or patients about sale items or special products or services you provide.  This is the ideal place to educate them on all of the ways your business is truly unique. Let them know that you truly do, what you care about, and engage with them in real-time.

Our Brand Promise

Call us today and we will be happy to walk you through the simple enrollment process.   We haven’t found anyone in the country offering this service for this low of a price. We want to be your affordable digital signage solution.

For increase internal marketing results, be sure to look into our Digital On-Hold Services for your business phone system.

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