The On Hold Marketing Strategy For Demanding Customers

AnĀ on-hold marketing strategy for demanding customers is simple when we remove any chance for unnecessary frustration.

What creates a demanding customer?

Being placed on-hold is very frustrating to many customers. Customers become anxious and short-tempered the longer they wait in silence. Confusion has room to set in when they are uncertain whether they are connected or not. Customers quickly feel forgotten and unimportant or misinformed.

Can on-hold strategies be removed all together?

For some highly-respected clinics, pharmacies, schools, and businesses, the on-hold process is unavoidable. But an effective on-hold marketing strategy can disrupt the tension that ensues during moments of silence.

Facilitating an on-hold marketing strategy

When you turn the silence into strategic messaging, the customer gets a sense of involvement. Each customer on-hold feels more informed and by default the time passes faster.

The implementation process is much easier than you may think. World Wide Audio Media offers a 6-month free trial period. A staff of experts take the time to understand your business and develop customized messaging for your specific situation.

By producing an on-hold message using light piano music along with informational messaging in a calm and relaxing tone, we are able to defuse the anxiety and irritation in customers. As a result, when the call is answered, customers are much calmer and some may even comment on the information they just learned.

Encountering the Demanding Customer

So, the next time you are faced with a demanding and frustrated customer, ask yourself:

  • How long were they on hold?
  • Was there an on-hold marketing service available?
  • If so, what was the tone of the messaging and what was being communicated?
  • If not, how soon can you apply for services with World Wide Audio Media?

We invite you now to connect with us, an expert is standing by eager to help you.